Game Designer

Project Omega

Play as an alpha wolf, carving a territory out in the wild expanses of Yellowstone National Park! Manage your resources, expand your territory, and grow your pack if you hope to survive across 3 distinct locales. (Download Link pending.)



Cold War – Cuba

You play as President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy to meet with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. The Cold War is threatening to go hot during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Communications are slow and imprecise. Without a face and under pressure, you must guess what your counterpart is thinking, avoid his baiting, and achieve a favourable outcome to the world.

Download here:



Hammer Time!

A little lead ball has roused the ire of Thunderhead Volca, the Thunder God of Volcanoes. Overreacting to the slight, the hammer of Thunderhead tries to smash the ball into the magma. (Recommended 2 Players.)

Download here:



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